v.aux. & tr. (3rd sing. present will; past would) (foll. by infin. without to, or absol.; present and past only in use)
1 (in the 2nd and 3rd persons, and often in the 1st: see SHALL) expressing the future tense in statements, commands, or questions (you will regret this; they will leave at once; will you go to the party?).
2 (in the 1st person) expressing a wish or intention (I will return soon).
For the other persons in senses 1, 2, see SHALL.
3 expressing desire, consent, or inclination (will you have a sandwich?; come when you will; the door will not open).
4 expressing ability or capacity (the jar will hold a kilo).
5 expressing habitual or inevitable tendency (accidents will happen; will sit there for hours).
6 expressing probability or expectation (that will be my wife).
Phrases and idioms:
will do colloq. expressing willingness to carry out a request.
Etymology: OE wyllan, (unrecorded) willan f. Gmc: rel. to L volo
n. & v.
1 the faculty by which a person decides or is regarded as deciding on and initiating action (the mind consists of the understanding and the will).
2 (also will-power) control exercised by deliberate purpose over impulse; self-control (has a strong will; overcame his shyness by will-power).
3 a deliberate or fixed desire or intention (a will to live).
4 energy of intention; the power of effecting one's intentions or dominating others.
5 directions (usu. written) in legal form for the disposition of one's property after death (make one's will).
6 disposition towards others (good will).
7 archaic what one desires or ordains (thy will be done).
1 have as the object of one's will; intend unconditionally (what God wills; willed that we should succeed).
2 (absol.) exercise will-power.
3 instigate or impel or compel by the exercise of will-power (you can will yourself into contentment).
4 bequeath by the terms of a will (shall will my money to charity).
Phrases and idioms:
at will
1 whenever one pleases.
2 Law able to be evicted without notice (tenant at will). have one's will obtain what one wants. what is your will? what do you wish done? where there's a will there's a way determination will overcome any obstacle. a will of one's own obstinacy; wilfulness of character. with the best will in the world however good one's intentions. with a will energetically or resolutely.
willed adj. (also in comb.). willer n. will-less adj.
Etymology: OE willa f. Gmc

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